Protect your business with TurboWaiver.

Have your customers easily sign waivers upon each visit to your business with TurboWaiver.

About TurboWaiver

With the spread of COVID-19, make sure your business is protected.

Generate waivers that expire in short timeframes, ensuring customers must fill out an up to date waiver on each visit, declaring they are symptom-free and understand the risks involved in patronizing your establishment.


Fast & Powerful

Our goal is to make the waivers simple and fast for your users to complete.

Form Creation

We assist you with your form setup, validation, conditional questions, and digital signatures.

Cloud Storage

Our infrastructure is run in the Amazon Cloud, with resources that scale on demand making sure your form is always available even in periods of high traffic.


Completed forms can always be viewed on your custom admin panel.

Fully Responsive

Forms are designed to be fully responsive and work on mobile devices for easy completion.


We log the user's IP address, digital signature, and can present the data in a scannable QR code for client-side validation.

User Authentication

We integrate with Facebook and Google to allow quick logins. Local accounts can be created, which are verified by having the user respond to an e-mail sent to the address they provide -- in this way, we can ensure the user signing the waiver is who they claim to be.

Speedy Process

Users can quickly login via their social media accounts.

Fully Responsive

Login form is designed to look and function great on mobile devices.

LeagueLab Integration

Current LeagueLab customer? We integrate with them, so users can use their LeagueLab account info to login as well.


Compare Our Prices

Our competitors monthly fees grow higher the more waivers that are signed, or charge a higher amount per waiver than TurboWaiver. Compare below!
TurboWaiver Smartwaiver Cleverwaiver WaiverSign
Monthly Price $29 $15-$250 $9.99-$499.99 $10 + waiver costs
Cost Per Waiver .02 Monthly Plan .20 per extra over monthly allowance .10 (first 50 free)
Price for 2500 waivers monthly $79 $250 $123.99 $255
Price for 5000 waivers monthly $129 $250 $223.99 $505